Barangay Drug Clearing Program (BDCP) aims to reduce drug affectation in the country by taking away drugs from the people, take people away from the lure of illegal drugs, and minimize the impact of the drug problem in the community by integrating the support of stakeholders, duty bearers, and local chief executives. 

The ultimate goal is to realize drug resilient and self-policing communities and produce stigma-free rehabilitated PWUDs and drug reformists.

The conduct of drug clearing activities at various levels shall have the following minimum objectives:

3.1 Provide the barangays and local government units (LGUs) with basic foundation on the implementation of BDCP by identifying PWUDs, Pushers, Drug Den Maintainer, Coddler, Protector, Financier, Cultivator, Manufacturer and others, determining drug affectation level, and capacitating duty bearers and stakeholders;

3.2 Properly implement the BDCP and be declared as Drug-Cleared and/or Drug-Free through carrying out demand and supply reduction activities and other support initiatives;

3.3 Sustain the implementation of BDCP by ensuring that the community has developed resiliency against illegal drugs and effect reintegration of and erase the stigma on rehabilitated PWUDs and drug reformists;

3.4 Sustain the implementation of BDCP by achieving a self-policing community;

3.5 Institutionalize the implementation of BDCP through issuance of ordinances, executive orders, and policies and ensuring multi-sectoral support; and

3.6 Continuously enhance the implementation of BDCP through monitoring, evaluation and consultation with duty bearers and stakeholders.